Tuesday, November 11, 2008

So it has been crazy...

I honestly have not had a chance to post much, but since I have today off, I'll update on my thrifty finds this week.

Big Y:

I stocked up on the meat sale, since we just got a stand up freezer from my friend Bev, for FREE! Most of the meat was buy one, get two free, so we have a lot of ground turkey, whole chickens, and boneless chicken. I also bought a bunch of the Green Giant steamers and Big Y butter quarters. It feels so good having a huge stockpile in the freezer.

As far as other things at Big Y, the Russet potatoes and onions were also buy one bag get two free. I am excited for this, because Sat is Victoria's 2nd birthday party and I will be making a big potato salad!

A few other things:

Juicy Juice 4/$10(great if you have coupons)

I think after Lou gets home, I will be running back to Big Y for more steamers and Juicy Juice!

This week I spent $96.XX, however I saved 98.XX, so I cut my bill in half!

Price Chopper:

I love PC for a few reasons besides some great sales and clip and chop coupons that come in the paper. They have a great rewards system that is linked to my scan card when I buy certain products the money goes to my daughter's school. And I also get money off a gallon of gas for up to 20 gallons for every $50 I spend! Right now I am paying 2.07 or less for gas!

This week in the paper, there were 4 clip and chop coupons:

1 gallon of Price Chopper milk: 2.49
1 dozen PC eggs: .99
Buy 10 Gatorades for $10, get 2 free(my hubby loves this for work)
Chex cereal 3/$5, plus I used some coupons (this is Victoria's favorite munchy snack that I 'll be making for her party)

PC also has Juicy Juice 2/$5.

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