Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday- Door Busters

Since I am almost finished my shopping, I wasn't in desperate need of anything. I hit Wal mart with just my youngest in tow at about 8 am. Here is what I bought:

Kung-Fu Panda $9
Baby Alive Sip & Slurp $10(for my sister to give to my DD)
2- Pixos starter pens $10 each
1 Barbie roadster w/doll $10 (for my four year old for her birthday in Jan)

I was pretty psyched that I got these great deals!

Then I took my three girls to BRU for Christmas pictures and they had a fabulous door buster until 1 pm! The BRU brand of supreme diapers were $10 a case, with a limit of 3! I only grabbed two, but 200 for $20!!!

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