Monday, November 24, 2008

Green Toys

One of my missions last Christmas was to purge our house of so many plastic toys and get my girls some good quality toys. I did spend a bit more, but most of the gifts were a big hit with everyone that came to my house.

A few of my favorites were a set of rainbow arches from They were pricey, but all the dads that visit have a lot of fun with them. They have become corrals or pens for animals, pretend horses, and lots more.

I also love any of the Haba blocks, from My girls love building castles, houses, and villages.

And finally, we had bought a great set of wooden sticks from My fifteen year old nephew had a blast with them, building all kinds of architechture!

However, this year my girls are really into Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop. So in our attmept to be modest with Christmas and humble our girls a bit, since I feel blessed compare to a lot of people, we buy each girls three gifts and fill their stockings. Anywho, my green gift for this year is a green tea set from TRU! It is made form recycled milk jugs, BPA free, and the kids can really drink from it without worrying!

I know this is worthless without pictures! I still have a lot to learn:) But if you are really interested in more about green toys, a friend of mine, has an awesome blog the really gets into green toys, it is called: She is awesome and super intelligent mom and she shares lots of coupon codes!!! Check her out, she has been blogging for over a year!

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