Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big Y deals and Thursday ramblings

Well, I've been pretty busy the past few days with work and the quarter ending. We have a new computer program for our grades and it has been a big project. I finally am finished inputing and now I can relax somewhat. It is also raining here, so there is not a whole lot to do.

While I wait in my car for my daughter to get off the bus, I usually go through the mail and peruse the sale fliers. Big Y has the Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers, 10/$10 and I know that I have a ton of coupons, so I'll be getting some of those.

They also have a great buy one, get two free sale. Here are some of the things that you can get:

Perdue ground turkey
Idaho russet potatoes
Cabot butter quarters
yellow onions

There are also a lot of canned goods and baking things, BOG2F. Since I am hosting Thanksgiving, I will be stocking up on some stuff!

I really love the great sales at Big Y. Sometimes that have a Wacky Weekend or Freaky Friday Sale. A few weeks ago I paid 1.88 for a case of Poland Spring water. Also whole chickens were .67 a pound and loaves of bread were .50!

Big Y also randomly gives coins away (silver, red, blue or gold) and you can get the featured items of the month for free or money off with certain coins!

They do not double coupons, but they are very family friendly. I've had numerous cashiers help me to my car with my three girls and a cart of groceries!

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