Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thrifty Holiday fun with kids!

I have had a few friends tell me that they are short on cash around the holidays and cannot afford to do fun things with their kids. I have a few ideas that hopefully will make the holidays memorable for your kids:

*My girls love to bake, so we often bake from scratch and have treats to enjoy! You can even make cookies to put in tins or for gifts for teachers. One thing I love is fudge and it is super easy!

1 Can sweetened condensed milk
1 bag semi sweet chocolate chips

Just heat in a pan until they are melted, continually stirring. You can add in nuts, raisins, candy, dried fruit etc. Then you put in a greased pan in the fridge or you can use cookie cutters as a mold(put wax paper over a cookie sheet and fill cookie cutters, have kids decorate and the refridgerate)

*Making homemade ornaments/crafts. I have so many craft supplies and scrapbooking things I could open my own store. This year we have decided to let the kids make their own ornaments for the tree. I even told my daughter that she could invite a friend over to help!

*Family movie or game night: We do this often with our girls and they usually choose a movie they have already seen. We get in our pj's, make popcorn, and cuddle on the floor with blankets and pillows! Great family bonding time!

*Look around your community for free/cheap things to do. My daughters school recently sent a flier home from the local library for a free holiday craft night! You can bet we will be there!

Leave me your favorite thrifty thing to do with the kids!

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Momma said...

Hi, just discovered your blog! I love your fudge tip. It sounds SUPER easy!!!! MMM!!! Fudge!! LOL

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